[pmwiki-users] Empty Pages

Bernd Schatz bernd.schatz at gmx.net
Mon Jul 16 03:58:19 CDT 2012


All my pages are suddenly empty, 
the history is still valid.
But clicking on "restore" in the history page delivers
always an empty text field.

If i edit a page i can make changes and take 
them back with "restore" on the history page.

>From the de-mailing list i got the following hints:
1) edit config.php 

==> didnt solved the problem.

2) edit config.php:
 $EnableDiag = 1;
 $EnableStopWatch = 1;

==> No special messages

Can somebody give me hint to solve to problem or to 
increase the logging to find the problem ?
Is there a simply way to restore the pages from the 
history with a bash or perl Skript ?

Greets and thx in advanced

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