[pmwiki-users] Trying to sort out pagelists to use as wikitrails

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Fri Oct 28 19:46:07 CDT 2011

On Saturday 29 October 2011 00:23:40, tamouse mailing lists wrote :
> (:pagelist link={*$:Parent} group={*$Group} fmt=#parenttrail list=all:)

> While I read the bit about the current page not being included in the
> normal search pattern, shouldn't it be included in the "all" search
> pattern?? Is there some interaction going on between link= and list=
> that I'm unclear about?

It is included. Make sure the current page contains at least one link to the 
{*$:Parent} page (links from header/footer/included pages do not count).


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