[pmwiki-users] Problem with trashing deleted files from a folder

kirpi at kirpi.it kirpi at kirpi.it
Fri Oct 21 05:50:46 CDT 2011

>> ... (Deleted pages are simply marked with a timestamp-comma-del
>> such as 123434561234,del as a suffix to the filename in wiki.d.)

> Hmm... is this so? On my system, deleted pages have the suffix
> ",del-TIMESTAMP" -- did this change?

You see Tamara, why I'm scared.
It all works fine when and if you know well what you are doing (which
is not my case).
Otherwise, it easily becomes a dangerous game, more so when you're
deleting things on a remote server.

Anyway, Tamara, you just wrote a short "lesson" which I *much*
appreciated: i guess it is a pity to leave it here hidden on a fast
forgotten thread.
A compact list of quick, basic commands to manage basic needs for a
pmwiki install just deserves it's own webpage, really.

I volunteer to make it but, as you will guess, I'm at a copy-paste level.
Are you willing to review/check it once it's done?
Or, are they so basic that most of the community think there is no
need to post them?


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