[pmwiki-users] Problem with trashing deleted files from a folder

kirpi at kirpi.it kirpi at kirpi.it
Sun Oct 16 16:10:02 CDT 2011

I use the Blog-It recipe. And it works fine.
Actually, my only reason for adopting such a recipe is its ability to
handle comments in a simple and practical way, allowing for editing,
approving and deleting.

I use per-group page store, so all comments go to a wiki.d/Comments/ folder.
Now, due to the vast amount of spam comments I "deleted" during the
past months, I tried to open the /Comments/ folder and trash all
deleted files. This is required as deleted pages are not completely
removed until a wiki administrator trashes them from the wiki.d
directory (which is a wise pmwiki behaviour).

Here comes my problem: it happens that using my ftp account I cannot
even open the /Comments/ folder, as the connection times out, trying
to list all files.
I'm on a cheap shared hosting, so there is no way (I think) to enter
the system otherwise.

How can I trash those "deleted" files in the wiki.d/Comments/ directory, please?

I guess something could be done with the WikiSh tool but I know
nothing about regular expressions and, due to the specific action
required (selective file deletion from the server), I'm absolutely
convinced it is too delicate and it is not the case for trials and

Unless I'm mistaken, there was (and I probably used, in the past) a
way to delete all history, following your need, after some time.

So, there is maybe also the way (perhaps something to be placed in a
per-group config file) to tell the system: automatically trash
"deleted" files after some set time.
Sort of how also Gmail does.

What do you think, please?


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