[pmwiki-users] Added meta tags and schema.org microdata injection into pages

kirpi at kirpi.it kirpi at kirpi.it
Tue Oct 11 07:50:48 CDT 2011

I just drafted this new recipe page:

Being neither fluent in English nor good at computer things, I suggest
somebody else please cast a glance to such a page and
corrects/contributes as s/he see fit.
The chosen name of the recipe/page itself could perhaps be better?

Still the whole thing seems useful.
Thank you again to all who brought their help.

A few things has to be refined a bit more.
As an example, I'm not sure how something like
  <html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml" itemscope
(which could to be a required element, perhaps) is taken care of by
this recipe as of today.
One solution could be to edit the skin template by hand.
Or, is there any better way?

Thanks to all,  again!


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