[pmwiki-users] Wiki markup syntax highlighting (was: Looking for articles...)

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Mon Oct 3 08:27:35 CDT 2011

On Monday 03 October 2011 07:19:26, John Rankin wrote :
> I don't wish to re-open that debate, but wonder whether wiki syntax
> highlighting in the edit text area is at all feasible.
> How hard would it be to colour-code wiki markup when editing a page?

I was thinking about CodeMirror ( http://codemirror.net ) but it appears that 
it doesn't support automatic word wrap. Anyways, if someone wants to work on 
it, the modes for MarkDown and reStructuredText are in many ways similar to 
the PmWiki markup:



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