[pmwiki-users] Looking for articles/reviews about PmWiki

Peter Bowers pbowers at pobox.com
Mon Oct 3 01:14:25 CDT 2011

> But the lack of an mysql db was somewhat of an administration and file rights
> nightmare (for backup on a shared webhosting account without ssh login). So
> basically I used for several years as a Wiki for small collaboration communities.

I've never had any difficulty with pmwiki in this respect -- I
periodically FTP all pages to some machine that has an appropriate
backup system operational and "job done."  It can easily be automated,
too, if working from linux or the like...

> For us designers PmWiki is nearly invisible, because the pmwiki.org site looks visually outdated
> and the content centers around the wiki functionality. Just have look on the Pixie or Wordpress sites.
>They are much more visually appealing.

We've talked quite a bit recently about skins and how to pretty that
up.  I'm wondering if a significant part of the problem might be
solved as simply as putting some screenshots on the homepage.  When I
go to the various wikis and CMS's that are being "marketed visually" I
see lots of graphics on the home page.  On pmwiki we have simply the
pmwiki logo (which is text based) and then text and some more text.
Could we divide it up into some columns with some boxes (probably each
box aimed at a different audience?), put some screenshots of various
attractive skins, etc?

I'm a functional kind of person and so this kind of graphic and
aesthetic kind of stuff is not my cup of tea, but from a marketing
standpoint it seems like changing just that one page could really give
pmwiki a facelift...


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