[pmwiki-users] Mass delete pages/group ?

Vince Administration vadmin at math.uconn.edu
Wed Nov 30 11:43:26 CST 2011

To delete entire groups, (sometimes created by a user, by accident, or at least inadvertently, or no longer in use) I just delete the entire GroupName.* from wiki.d.
Actually, we use per group subdirectories, so I delete the entire subdirectory.  The group then does disappear from the page-lists. I don't recall having to delete the .pagelist file.  
For your other questions, the first question is do you want the pages to follow the PmWiki standard for deletion (renaming with a del in the filename), or do you want them totally gone (except for a backup of course).


On Nov 30, 2011, at 10:25 AM, ABClf wrote:

> Hello all !
> For my information, I would like to know what are the strategies when
> one wants to delete more than one page, and keep pmwiki working nicely
> ?
> Example : I want to delete one whole group ? I want to delete pages
> where name = x* (begins with letter x) ? or page older than x days ?
> etc.
> Out of PmWiki process, is deleting safe with ftp ? if yes, do I have
> to delete the index to get a new one rebuilt ? is there some way to
> use a pagelist to delete pages (without using complex recipe) ?
> Thank you !
> Gilles.
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