[pmwiki-users] URL split and merge

123_dirk 123_dirk at web.de
Wed Nov 30 02:44:14 CST 2011

Am 29.11.2011 19:16, schrieb Tamara Temple:
> 123_dirk<123_dirk at web.de>  wrote:
>>>> I can't find the right place to place my program to do the name merge stuff.
>>>> Maybe you can tell me the place and the variable.
>>>> The  code to do this is not difficult and i will find a solution.
>>> I was just thinking, with cleanURLs, you should be able to have a path
>>> like http://example.com/group/main/list/child, which if your wiki was
>>> actually at the root of http://example.com, your pathinfo would then be
>>> /group/main/list/child, which you can get out of the $_SERVER array. If
>>> your main entry point into the wiki is index.php, that could very easily
>>> assemble the pathinfo back into Group.MainList,Child and you can hand
>>> this to pmwiki in a redirect.
>> Can you give me an example how to do this?
>> At the moment i make a inlude of pmwiki.php in the index.php.
>> I have no idea how i can do such a redirect.
>> Sorry my PHP and Web skills are not the best.
> Wow, you can figure out how to rewrite a core pmwiki function, but not
> do a redirect?
> Instead of:
> include("pmwiki.php");
> in your index.php file, you need to have the following:
> header("Location: pmwiki.php?n=".$realpagename);
> just after you calculate the $realpagename from $_SERVER['PATH_INFO']
> according to your scheme.

I found the redirect information and i am working on my problem.
I hope i will finished my page tonight.

Well the coresystem ist PHP and this is just a language like 
C,C++,Basic,Phyton, ....
And i'm using C and C++ since 20 years.
If you know what you want, you can do it, with Google after a few hours .

A Websystem is somehing i don't know and so i need more help.

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