[pmwiki-users] URL split and merge

123_dirk 123_dirk at web.de
Sat Nov 26 15:13:37 CST 2011

Am 26.11.2011 20:38, schrieb Tamara Temple:
> 123_dirk<123_dirk at web.de>  wrote:
>> Hi,
>> i build a Wiki with the internal name system:
>> Group.MainLast,Child
> Is this the pattern for all the pages in your wiki? If not, things will
> get a bit complicated.
Most of them are just  Group.MainLast or Group.Main pages.
I split the $name in 2 new page names and than i work in the Wikipages 
with this 2 names.
The child system is just a nice to have. In a closed internal Wiki at 
work i use it.I manage this in my local System.

To call this page with cleanURL i wrote a funktion to rename the pageurl.

>> But now i will go online.
>> I will use  cleanURL and the page should called like this:
>> www.Test.com/group/main/last/child.html
>> How can i change this URL back to the internal  System
>> "Group.MainLast,Child"  ?
> This can be difficult to do with just HTTP rewriting, I think. Although
> it is a pretty flexible system, I don't know that it can handle this.
> At first blush, I'd suggest a wrapper program, such index.php, to take
> the pathinfo and reconstruct the proper path to pmwiki, and then handing
> it off with a redirect to pmwiki.php.
> This should be able to handle anything external. But how you will get
> pmwiki to rewrite internal links as you wish is beyond me.
> I have to ask, what are your reasons for doing this?

I can't find the right place to place my program to do the name merge stuff.
Maybe you can tell me the place and the variable.
The  code to do this is not difficult and i will find a solution.

The reason is very easy, i will replace my HTML site.
And the structure of this site is www.test.com/avr/code/pid.html.
At the Wiki it is Avr.CodePid and somtimes Avr.CodeUart,Rs485
Well and now nobody sould see the difference between the old and the new 

If this is working i can show this at work and maybe i can change this 
Webpage too.

Maybe i can extract the code tomorrow and if some one thing it sould me 
a part of PMWIKI, than he can merge it to the code.

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