[pmwiki-users] fox, ptv, date : trying to send {(ftime fmt="%F %H:%M")} as a ptv

ABClf languefrancaise at gmail.com
Thu Nov 24 12:59:18 CST 2011

Hello !!

I have a problem I cant solve.
I have a form I want to use for creating targeted pages populated with
ptv (showed using a template), using fox ;
Now, I want to sent, as a ptv, the date the targeted page is created.

In my form, I use :

(:input hidden name=$:dateticket {(ftime fmt="%F %H:%M")}:)

Then, on the target page, I'm expecting to get :

(:dateticket: 2011–11–24 19:50:)

but fact is I can't succeed to get this : I only get :

(:dateticket: 2011-11-24:)

that's what I and can't understand.
On the form, when I ask {(ftime fmt="%F %H:%M")}, I get the expected
date returned. But not when I try to send it to the target.

Does anybody understand what's wrong ?
At first, I thought it was related to some config param, though I
still didn't find anything related to this (I may have mistaken).

Thank you,


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