[pmwiki-users] GroupFooterFmt not working as expected

tamouse mailing lists tamouse.lists at gmail.com
Tue Nov 8 03:44:24 CST 2011

This is driving me bonkers, so it's probably something really stupid I'm doing.

I have this in my configuration file:

// as defined in http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/AllGroupHeader
// alternate method
$GroupHeaderFmt =
  '(:include {$Group}.GroupHeader {$SiteGroup}.GroupHeader:)(:nl:)';
$GroupFooterFmt =
  '(:include {$Group}.GroupFooter {$SiteGroup}.GroupFooter:)(:nl:)';

$MessagesFmt[] = __FILE__.'@'.__LINE__.
  ' I think you should know that the GroupHeaderFmt is:' .
  print_r($GroupHeaderFmt,TRUE) .
  '<br />';
$MessagesFmt[] = __FILE__.'@'.__LINE__.
  ' I think you should also know that the GroupFooterFmt is: ' .
  print_r($GroupFooterFmt,TRUE) .
  '<br />';

When I view a page that is NOT in the Site Group, and does NOT have
it's own GroupFooter, instead of Site.GroupFooter, I'm geting
Site.SiteFooter instead! As I said, this is driving me nuts. Here's a
screen shot of what i'm looking at:


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