[pmwiki-users] Group name based $XLLangs (multilanguage Wiki)?

Patrick R. Michaud pmichaud at pobox.com
Sun May 22 15:26:22 CDT 2011

On Sun, May 22, 2011 at 09:23:12PM +0200, Oliver Betz wrote:
> Peter Bowers wrote:
> [...]
> >Thus if I need $group or $name early on in my config.php I can either
> just to avoid misunderstandings: This is verbatim $group and $name
> from the HTTP request and might be different from the final value used
> to find the requested page.

...which is exactly why PmWiki doesn't try to impose its own notion
of "group" and/or "page" until after the customization files have 
had a chance to manipulate it a bit.  :-)

ResolvePageName() is Pmwiki's official function that means "determine
the group and page from the available information using PmWiki's 
standard page resolution algorithms".  Calculating pagenames from
specialized requests requires custom solutions (and pmwiki.org
does a fair bit of this in its configuration, e.g. to enable XLPage()
in various groups).

What PmWiki _does_ do is guarantee that at the start of customization,
$pagename is set to

   1. Any value of ?n= if it's set, or
   2. Any value of ?pagename= if it's set, or
   3. The "path info" information from REQUEST_URI (whatever follows
      SCRIPT_NAME), or
   4. Blank otherwise

If it would help to have PmWiki save this value in another variable
as well ($requestedname) for use by customizations and recipes, we
can do that.


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