[pmwiki-users] Whither simple, dependable PmWiki login/self-registering mechanism?

kirpi at kirpi.it kirpi at kirpi.it
Tue Mar 22 16:05:23 CDT 2011

Since when Petko started-helping/took-up pmwiki daily maintenance from
Patrick, he has been (and still is, thank you Petko and Patrick) very
busy and prompt in keeping things tidy and letting the project grow
stable and improve.
Because of his official charge, I am not sure that he has time and
resources enough to get fully involved in "side-projects".

The key point here, though, is that we are now in 2011 and due to the
way the web has evolved (and the proven flexibility of pmwiki), I feel
pmwiki (sort of) needs a sign-up mechanism. Because this is a critical
matter (it deals with security), the best is that such mechanism is
officially acknowledged, backed up and maintained (or maintainable,
known) by the main wiki coders.
For this very reason, if the most talented coders in this community
agree that eemeli's recipe is worth considering as a starting base, I
would humbly suggest that an effort is taken in this direction.

Again, I am sort of ashamed in writing the lines above, as I cannot
technically help myself. Yet I am more than willing and ready to
contribute in whatever other way will prove useful and appropriate.


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