[pmwiki-users] Remember Password Feature in Firefox

Sebastian Schneider sesc at unibw.de
Wed Mar 9 02:13:29 CST 2011

I actually thought, that this would work e.g. with gmx.net, but due to 
your mail I tried the site again, and noticed that FF only remembers one 
username and password. I'm pretty sure this was working once, but it 
seems that this feature went missing.

Anyways, this seems to be a FF limitation and probably has nothing to do 
with pmwiki.

Thanks again,


Am 09.03.2011 01:17, schrieb James M:
> I believe the problem is one of FF's making. The password is
> associated to the "website", not the page - and I think they mean by
> that the domain.
> But you say the same thing doesn't happen on non-pmwiki sites? Do you
> have experience where different pages on the same domain have
> different passwords?
> James
> On Tue, Mar 8, 2011 at 2:38 PM, Sebastian Schneider<sesc at unibw.de>  wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I know this might be a firefox-issue, but I thought I'd still give this list
>> a try, since the problem only occurs to me with pmwiki pages.
>> I'm using the "remember my password"-feature from firefox and I have a
>> pmwiki-page. Now I have two different pages, let's say Main.Page1 and
>> Main.Page2.
>> I set the passwords for viewing, editing, attribute changing and uploading
>> for the first page to "page1" and for the second page to "page2".
>> Now, the first time I try to open Main.Page1 it asks for a password. I enter
>> "page1" and allow firefox to store the password. Now, when I go to got to
>> Main.Page2, firefox fills in the password field with the stored password
>> "page1", which obviously doesn't open the site.
>> If I enter the correct password "page2", firefox asks me if I want to change
>> the previously stored password.
>> How come, that firefox doesn't recognize, that Main.Page1 and Main.Page2 are
>> different pages, and store the passwords for each Page individually?
>> Could this have to do with the Adress-Rewrite-Rules, that make Links to
>> Pages appear as: http://www.example.com/Main/Page1?
>> Thanks for your tipps,
>> Sebastian
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