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Steve G. wordz2u at gmail.com
Sat Jun 18 17:55:18 CDT 2011


To add Google's plus 1 (+1) button to PmWiki Pages take the following steps:

1. Open config.php (in pmwiki/local) and also config.php of each member of
the wiki farm you wish to add the button to, in a text editor:

2. Add the following lines of code into config.php:

$HTMLHeaderFmt['gplus1'] = '<script type="text/javascript" src="

Markup('gplus1', 'directives',
 Keep("<g:plusone></g:plusone>") );

3. Entered (:gplus1:) wherever you want to have the +1 button.

I have entered more detailed instructions, including links to Google's
documentation of +1 on my web site, in the following URL.

I am not sure how to write a recipe - reading the guidelines was not
helpful, as I am not sure how to add a page to the cookbook (I got an error
message when trying to add the page) . So if anyone knows how to do it,
either enlighten me, or write it for me.


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