[pmwiki-users] A robust user registration module

Wordit Ltd wordituk at googlemail.com
Mon May 24 05:59:58 CDT 2010

I just realised this a lot simpler than I thought. There is no need
for temporarily storing the sign-up info.

I think this should work:

- user supplies email, username, password via a form

- create a key containing supplied info plus a secret: sha1($email.).

- Mail to user. No record is kept because the key can be generated
from info the returning user enters plus the secret.

- user goes to verification page and enters the info plus the key. The
key is checked.

- if it matches, append, replace, or remove entry in wiki page

The only general functions needed are to find a line in a wiki page,
and write to a page. (I guess both these already exist as pmwiki


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