[pmwiki-users] CamelCaseToLowerCase in Router.php with Apache mod-rewrite module

Benoit St-Pierre benbonben at gmail.com
Mon May 10 22:05:48 CDT 2010


Here is my first question on your mailing list.  Sorry if I am not
doing it properly.  I tried to find the answer by googling and by
searching the archives, to no avail.

So here is it:  I am trying to use the router.php recipe, specifically
I am trying to use the so-called 'CamelCaseToLowerCase' mode:


But I also use mod-rewrite for clean URLs, so the author forewarns:

> When using CamelCaseToLowerCase in conjunction with the Apache mod-rewrite module, be sure to change your .htaccess to send all urls that start with lower case characters to index.php.

The author does not tell how to proceed.

Besides, it seems that I can't modify my .htaccess that way.  I can't
do what is here described:


I get an error 500.

Maybe I don't understand the author of the router.php, because I don't
understand enough what I am doing.


I just want to use a recipe.  Any recipe will do.  What I want is URLs
that looks like this:


I think you get the idea.  But now I spent a few hours on that and I am stuck.

Please help me if you can,

Best regards,

Benoit St-Pierre

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