[pmwiki-users] Fox : target and ptvtarget (form)

Hans design5 at softflow.co.uk
Mon Mar 22 02:15:09 CDT 2010

Monday, March 22, 2010, 4:26:37 AM, ABClf wrote:

> Here it is my question :
> when using this code, I can create the new target page :
> (:fox forminfo put=top template=Info.Maquette target={$$cible}
> keepinput=1 formcheck=titreinfo pagecheck=1:)

> But using this one, I'm not allowed to post to any new target page :
> (:fox forminfo put=top template=Info.Maquette ptvtarget={$$cible}
> keepinput=1 formcheck=titreinfo pagecheck=1:)

> As you can see, I changed target to ptvtarget.
> Can you explicit what's wrong ?

If you want to add PTVs and/or modify PTVs use ptvtarget=
But if you also use template=, Fox expects also target=.
so don't use template= and also don't use put=top, the last is not
needed as no content is added, and instead a different process to add
and update PTVs is used.

So this should be the correct form snippet:
(:fox forminfo ptvtarget={$$cible} keepinput=1 formcheck=titreinfo pagecheck=1:)

If you want add content and update/add PTVs, you should use target=
and template= an d put= parameters for adding content, and either use
ptvtarget= as well, or use ptvupdate=1. The last one will use as
ptvtarget what is set with target=

Hope this makes it clearer. There are still some other ways of setting
target pages and ptv target pages, especially if more than one page
is set as target, but the above is the simplest.


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