[pmwiki-users] replace the content of edit textarea with html markup

Carlos AB cabsec.pmwiki at gmail.com
Wed Mar 17 15:04:14 CDT 2010

How can I do it?

I saw the variable  $FmtV['$EditText']  and $EditText in $PageEditFmt
but I don't really know how to do it.

What I want is to put converted pmwiki markup to html , inside the
textarea on action=edit for a tinymce NEW recipe. (I know there are

I was using ROE and ROS patterns, but if I can deliver html markup to
the textarea and have tinymce doing manipulations from there, I'll
just have to worry with ROS patterns.

(To say the truth ROE and ROS togheter got the best of me)

I hope somebody could help me,


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