[pmwiki-users] CleanUrls/mod_rewrite in subwiki's

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Mon Mar 15 10:56:48 CDT 2010

On Monday 15 March 2010 16:06:36, Dawa Ometto wrote :
> The issue described below turned out not to lie in the CleanURL's
> recipe (occured when I turned that off too). Think I might have
> discovered a bug in pmwiki. When I have the following in a subwiki's
> local/config.php:
> session_name('1268404902.04627'); //Unique session name by using
> timestap
> ...I don't stay authenticated after logging in - clicking any link
> will prompt me for my username/password. When I change it as follows:
> session_name('126840490204627');
> ...everything's fine. Seems like full stops and the like in
> session_name break the session/cookie. D'oh.

From http://php.net/session_name :

  The session name [...] should contain only alphanumeric characters. [...]
  The session name can't consist of digits only, at least one letter must be

However -- your problem with auth sessions might be fixable by just setting a 
unique $CookiePrefix variable in the field. See for more information:


I am actually not certain that PmWiki would work correctly with forced session 
names like yours, but it might.


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