[pmwiki-users] Allowed memory size exhausted

Martin Kerz mkerz at me.com
Sat Mar 6 08:55:28 CST 2010

Do I have a memory leak in this pagelist template?

(:template first {=$:SK}:)
!!Sachkommission {=$SK}
(:template each:)
* [[{=$FullName} | {=$Titlespaced}]]
&nbsp; [-{=$:Summary}-]
[[#antragsliste end]]

This should give out a list of all pages within a group seperated by a PTV (here: $SK)

moreover it is sorted by a simple strnatcasecmp() call.

function SKAntrag($x, $y) {
	  $xval = PageVar($x, '$:SK').PageVar($x, '$:Antrag');
	  $yval = PageVar($y, '$:SK').PageVar($y, '$:Antrag');
      $c = strnatcasecmp($xval, $yval);
      return $c;
$PageListSortCmp['antragsliste'] = 'SKAntrag($x, $y)';

Everytime I want to load the page, I get a "Allowed memory size of 52428800 bytes exhausted" message. What's wrong here?



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