[pmwiki-users] Fox submits text twice

Audun Myhra Bergwitz bergwitz at gmail.com
Wed Mar 3 14:22:30 CST 2010

Hans wrote:
> Tuesday, March 2, 2010, 7:05:03 PM, Audun Myhra Bergwitz wrote:
>> It seems like it has something to do with the use of arrays, like
>> "tags[]". When I stopped trying to use arrays it worked without flaws. I
>> think there might be a bug.
> Ahh, yes {$$tags[]} in the template will lead to a template
> processing for each array item of tags.
> You can avoid this by using {$$tags} in the template.
> If tags is an array, you will get a CSV list of the items.
Thanks! Now it works. It was a bit unclear from the documentation on the
Cookbook-page, but your comment on the Fox-Talk-page made it clear. Not
a bug, but a feature :)


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