[pmwiki-users] Fox submits text twice

Audun Myhra Bergwitz bergwitz at gmail.com
Tue Mar 2 13:05:03 CST 2010

Hans wrote:
> I can't give you much help, other than this:
> checkboxes: you try to submit PmWiki link markup as values. Possibly
> this is a bad idea.
Why, isn't it just a text string like any other?
> I won't test your form as I can't even copy and paste it into a page,
> and it is far too complex and big, sorry!
It isn't that complex, just very big since I couldn't figure out any
easy way to choose dates with the form. Is there an easier way to do
this than to write (:input select name 1:) for every single possible value?
> I have no idea why the form should post something twice, as I cannot
> decipher it the way you have put it.
Quick overview of what I am trying to do, maybe it is easier to decipher
the code then:

Set Group: Set Pagename

Insert PTV EventStartDate in format YYYY-MM-DD
Insert PTV EventEndDate in format YYYY-MM-DD
This defaults to the current date.

Insert PTV EventStartTime in format HH-mm
Insert PTV EventEndTime in format HH-mm

Set (:title:)

Insert text (introduction)

Insert more text

Insert categories with an array in checkboxes (ie to place the page in
multiple categories)

Insert some other categories

Insert a link to a Facebook event
Insert a link to the event on another site (underskog.no)



It seems like it has something to do with the use of arrays, like
"tags[]". When I stopped trying to use arrays it worked without flaws. I
think there might be a bug.
> Try using (:foxmessages:) on the form page to give you feedback, and
> make sure the form does not use redirect when you debug it.
How do I prevent it from redirecting?


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