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Sat Jan 23 16:56:09 CST 2010

In case Google can't crawl your read-protected pdf files, he won't index them ;
alternative could be to install your own search engine script plus a database ;
these two are said to index pdf and docs files, though I'm not sure
how easy it is to do because they need executables.

For little files, not to numerous, other alternative may be to use a
pdf2txt or pdf2html program to mass extract the texts, then associate
every extracted output to every pdf source.


2010/1/23 Sameer Kumar <sameerkumar at gmail.com>:
>> >It would be great if the Pmwiki search could also document the pdfs
>> >(and other attachments). Is there any possibility of creating a
>> >recipe which will allow for such integration?
>> Actually, there is, kind of.
>> http://pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/GoogleSearch
>> Replace your regular search with Google's. Google indexes PDFs
> But isn't it true that Google would index the site only if it is publicly
> accessible? My entire site is read protected. Would Google Search still
> work?

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