[pmwiki-users] how differentiate wiki home pages

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Sun Jan 17 11:20:35 CST 2010

On Sunday 17 January 2010 12:01:37, jdd-gmane wrote :
> My problem is that all these wikis have different passwds for editing
> the pages, but Firefox see all of them as only one and can't help me
> choosing the good passwd.
> Do you know any way to make Firefox understand these pages are not the
> same one?

No, unless each wiki is on a different subdomain. 

Or, you can add a second password (edit or admin), the same at all wikis. This 
way, you tell Firefox to memorize the shared password when you first type it.

More than one passwords can be defined in (farm)config.php this way :
  $DefaultPasswords['admin'] = array(
    crypt('pass1'), crypt('pass2'), crypt('pass3')

To learn more about passwords administration, see :


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