[pmwiki-users] Sending email + watchlist + notify

Bernard Bel bernarbel at gmail.com
Fri Jan 8 08:13:02 CST 2010

>On Thursday 07 January 2010 21:47:41, Bernard Bel wrote :
>> In reply to ABClf, I did the configuration as recommended in config.phpd
>>  and I set delay values to reasonable values :
>> $NotifySquelch = 10800; # 3 hours
>> $NotifyDelay = 300; # 5 minutes
>Some ideas for debugging :
>* Check your e-mail address for typos.
>* Try with another notify=address at otherdomain.fr .
>* Check the $NotifyFrom address - on some hosting providers you need to have 
>an address that exists and matches the current domain name.
>* Try with shorter squelch/delay just for testing purposes -- also, the wiki 
>needs to be accessed by a visitor after the squelch for the mails to be sent.
>* Check your spam folders, in case notify messages land there.
>> >From both replies I understand that it should work without doing anything
>> > special to activate mail(). It remains a mystery for me that the mail()
>> > function is called nowhere in the code !
>When you have in config.php $EnableNotify=1; PmWiki will include the file 
>scripts/notify.php which actually does the job -- mail() is called there...

Thanks to you and Gilles, it is now working.

The problem was with the call of mail(). I had forgotten that this server
calls an external smtp server which requires authentication. So I
replaced the plain mail() finction with the cutomized one that other
resources are using.

How about watchlists? Any attempt to implement this feature?

Bernard Bel
Laboratoire Parole et Langage
UMR 6057 CNRS - Université de Provence

Centre de Ressources pour la Description de l'Oral (CRDO)

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