[pmwiki-users] ANN: BlogIt 1.6.0

DaveG pmwiki at solidgone.com
Thu Aug 12 21:56:50 CDT 2010

This release adds some new features for administrators and fixes a few 
bugs noted by users. Thanks to SteP, OtherMichael, and Ricardo who 
helped test and debug.


* $bi_DateZone has been removed, and replaced with $bi_DateStyle. If you 
changed the date entry format, then make sure you also set $bi_DateStyle.
* moves javascript files to the end of the page, loaded at 
[@<!--HTMLFooter-->@] rather than the [@<!--HTMLHeader-->@]. Make sure 
this markup exists in the skin .tmpl file.
* $bi_Hooks allows code to run before and after BlogIt processing, 
allowing things like page names and titles to be formatted differently 
to the BlogIt default, and allowing default field values to be altered.
* incorporates RSS feed config to make setup easier.
* generates a new captcha code after ajax comment submit to prevent spam 
after first successful captcha entry.
* ...and finally fixes pretty rare, but very annoying cases where dates 
would randomly change. Thank PHP strtotime for that.

  ~ ~ Dave

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