[pmwiki-users] Fwd: pagelist of referenced items

Randy Brown alongkiss at aprivatespot.com
Thu Aug 12 11:04:20 CDT 2010

Try this (untested):

(:comment --- a question's page name is the text used for the anchor, while it's title is what appears in the listing ---:) 
(:comment --- e.g. a question name might be "answerQuestion125", while its title might be "Aren't pagelists powerful?" ---:)
(:comment --- process all questions in title order ---:)

(:pagelist group=Question order=title fmt=#processquestion:)

(:if1 false:)
(:comment --- for the current question, list all pages outside the Question group that contain an answer
(:pagelist group=-Question "[[#{=$Name}]]" questionfullname={=$FullName} order=title fmt=#listanswerstoquestion:)

(:comment --- if more than one page answers the question, each will be separated by a comma ---:)
(:template first:)
- {{$$questionfullname}$Title}:
(:template !last:)
(:if !equal "{>$FullName}" "":)
(:template each:)
(:template last:)


On Aug 12, 2010, at 2:58 AM, Markus Heinzer wrote:

> Randy, I think this will do the job exactly!
> I put such anchors on the content pages and the pagelist lists these anchors. I tried to follow your suggestion with the two pagelists but I have to admit that this exceeds my capabilities. I don't understand how this is constructed. Can you give me one more hint how to code this pagelist that shows all anchors beginning with [[#answer ?
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