[pmwiki-users] Fwd: pagelist of referenced items

Markus Heinzer keusen at gmail.com
Wed Aug 11 02:05:42 CDT 2010

Thank you very much for replying!
I have to specify more accurately what I am trying to do:

I have a wiki with a bunch of pages full with text and things. Think of 
a theory book to learn a certain exam. The questions of the exam 
(multiple choice) are publicly available and learners want to use the 
theory book to learn which answer is right.
So what would be very useful: Having a page containing a question index, 
i.e. a list of all questions to which the theory book provides an answer 
to. Instead of doing this index by hand I am looking for a way to do it 
automatically. The most easy for me would be to put some markers on the 
specific wiki pages. Means: On a certain page you can find the answer to 
question no. 125. I would mark the place with something like 
(:answer-to-question Question 125:). The index page should allways 
search all wikipages for this markup (:answer-to-question ...:) and 
produce the index dynamically. On the index one would find a list of all 
question numbers that are provided with an answer. The Question numbers 
are automatically linked to the specific page containing the answer.
Actually some kind of different approach to the learning material, via 
the questions instead of via the "contents"-page. Probably I could solve 
this with a customized and formatted search function?


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