[pmwiki-users] Inconsistent styling results from LinkCSSToolTips

Randy Brown alongkiss at aprivatespot.com
Tue Aug 10 02:22:08 CDT 2010

CSSToolTips is a very useful recipe for a popup menus. 

The default CSS gives me the ability to use both images and text for the link while still being able to position over the tooltip, but then the tooltip obscures most of the link in the case of a text link. But, oddly, not always...

In this snippet, the tooltip appears below the link (which allows me to read the link, but I can't move the cursor over the menu item):

[[{*$FullName}|{*$Group}; current group|:%larger%[[http://example.com]]%%:]]

Yet in this snippet, I can move the cursor over the tooltip, but the tooltip covers most of the link:

[[{*$FullName}|{*$Group}: current group|:%larger%[[http://example.com]]%%:]]

Note that these two snippets differ only by one character!

I've tried adjusting the CSS (e.g. margin-top:10px; ). Maybe it's because I don't know much about CSS,  but whenever I fix one issue I create another. 

Is it possible to (1) consistently see the link while the tooltip is showing, (2) to move the cursor over the tooltip before it goes away, and (3) to do the above using both text and images for the link? Has anyone been able to do all the above successfully?


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