[pmwiki-users] BlogIt configuration -- entries only visible if logged in

DaveG pmwiki at solidgone.com
Sun Aug 8 17:00:12 CDT 2010

On 8/8/2010 4:43 PM, michael paulukonis wrote:
> I have replicated the behavior on a clean install @
> http://www.xradiograph.com/projects/test/wiki/pmwiki.php
> I attempted to set up blogit with nothing else installed.
> Although AuthUser is said to be an optional component, if it is NOT
> included, the wiki fails to load with at error in BlogIt @ line 581 (a
> call to AuthUser)
I've logged this as a bug. AuthUser is meant to be optional.

> I have set up a sample blog using the sample info @
> http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/BlogIt
> with the daveg and step users, in the same roles
> The complete text of my config.php is below

Config looks fine, although I would remove the $bi_DefaultGroup line -- 
I suspect it's this which is causing your Recently Written list to be 
empty. This line instructs BlogIt to only look in Main group for blog 
entries. If you created entries in another group they will not be 
listed. If you exclude the definition of $bi_DefaultGroup, all blog 
entries across all groups will be listed.

If it's only you administering the blog, then you can simplify things:
# [1] Define BlogIt roles, and associated actions
# Actions: 'comment-edit', 'comment-approve', 'blog-edit', 
'blog-new','sidebar', 'blogit-admin'
$bi_Auth['blogit'] = array('comment-edit', 'comment-approve', 
'blog-edit', 'blog-new', 'sidebar', 'blogit-admin');

# [2] Define users passwords
$AuthUser['daveg'] = crypt('daveg');  #set daveg password

# [3] Add users to the roles
$AuthUser['@blogit'] = array('daveg');

# [4] Assign roles to security groups
$DefaultPasswords['blogit'] = array('@blogit');

# [5] Assign roles to pmwiki actions
$DefaultPasswords['edit'] = '@blogit';

# if not included, blogit fails @ line 581

$HandleAuth['source'] = 'edit';  #Prevents non authorized users from 
viewing comment source email address
$HandleAuth['diff'] = 'edit';  #Prevents non authorized users from 
viewing comment source email address

$MaxIncludes=500;  #BlogIt makes heavy use of includes, so this needs to 
be increased.

  ~ ~ Dave

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