[pmwiki-users] Easily move attachments from one page to another?

Karl Schilke schilkek at onid.orst.edu
Tue Apr 20 16:53:48 CDT 2010

Hi, hopefully this isn't a FAQ (I looked, honest! ;^) ...

I just decided that I want to move some of the files currently  
attached to a page to a different page. There's no obvious way to do  
this easily.

I know I can download the files I want to move, delete them from the  
current page, and then re-upload them to the new location. Obviously,  
this works, but is tedious and potentially error-prone, and resets the  
file create/mod dates. It would also be nice if I could retain the  
"history" of the deleted files.

Is there a better way to do this, short of logging into the server and  
manually shuffling the files around behind PmWiki's back?


     -Karl Schilke, Oregon State University

"A molecule with one reducing end and one oxidizing end, separated by
  a pair of firmly crossed fingers, is an invitation to disaster."
     --J.D. Clark, "Ignition! An Informal History of Liquid Rocket Propellants"

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