[pmwiki-users] Fox : target and ptvtarget (form)

Hans design5 at softflow.co.uk
Mon Apr 12 02:39:48 CDT 2010

Saturday, April 10, 2010, 4:47:35 PM, ABClf wrote:

> 1/ how to get a working preview ? I tried different ways with no
> success : every time, the informations are posted and the new page is
> created, not previewed. I don't know whether I need a template (and
> what would be its content) or not, and I don't know where to write
> commands in my form ;

There was a bug in fox.php, which made Fox write PTVs even when
'Preview' was submitted. I fixed this with the latest (2010-04-12)
For using preview please read here:
You need a Preview buton in the form, and a (:foxpreview:) or
(:foxdisplay:) markup in the page where the preview will be shown.
You also need a template which specifies what shall be shown.
You can set it in the form with markup
(:foxpreviewtemplate "template string goes here":)
just as you use (:foxtemplate "...":)
or with parameter previewtemplate=PageName in th e(:fox ...:) markup
directive, to use a template from a different page (it can also be an
anchored section of the template page, like
You probably could use as preview template the same display template
you use for displaying the PTV data from a posted page.

> 2/ how to make in sort that editing a page created with this form
> automatically use this form instead of the usual edit pages (ptv
> update ?).

You could use FoxEdit
and use a foxedit link which will call your custom form.
But you would need to adapt the form so it can be used as a foxedit
form. Please look at the form and templates of FoxContacts to see an
example. http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/FoxContacts


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