[pmwiki-users] AuthUserSignup install error

Gabriele Azzaro gazzaro at gazzaro.it
Mon Apr 5 06:42:53 CDT 2010

Trying to install AuthUserSignup, which looks really powerful.
But I get "ERROR: WikiSh.Read: You do not have "read" authorization for 
page Login.Signup. See SecLayer configuration" on the login page 
http://www.gazzaro.it/b/Pmwiki/pmwiki.php?n=Login.Signup, where the 
username field is also impenetrable...

I have followed the instructions to the letter twice, even tried to edit 
attr to @nopass for all Login.Signup, Login.Confirm and Login.Confirmed 
files. Where can the error be? Thanks for any help. Gabriele

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