[pmwiki-users] automatic translating page Recent Changes

Patrik Schrey patrik.schrey at skynet.be
Sat Nov 28 03:52:03 CST 2009

Hi Gilles,

This is indeed one way of doing it for the {$Group}/RecentChanges page. And
I saw that some PmWiki translations use this way.
But I have the impression this is not generic enough:
- No entry is made for the Site.AllRecentChanges (Site.AllRecentChangesShort
is not in the distribution)
- To have no problems with the different character sets (for the different
languages) with the current PmWiki code,
the best practice is to use ASCII for the PageName and to use the (:title:)
directive for the special characters & punctuation.
So I try for every core page to stick to the English pageName and use the
title for the translation.

But in this case the mentioned pages doesn't exist yet in a clean install.
So I'm looking for a solution that have a (:title:) directive included when
generated, with the translation in the XLPage.


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Hi !

Not sure this is the right direction but isn'it possible to use XLPage for
this (it doesn't give Recent Changes a title ; but -by default- title is
page's name) :
for French language, I see one can use some special localized locations for
RecentPages and others.


(extracted from http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/PmWikiFr/XLPage)

  ### Page locations
  '{$SiteGroup}/EditQuickReference' => 'PmWikiFr/EditQuickReference',
  '{$SiteGroup}/UploadQuickReference' => 'PmWikiFr/UploadQuickReference',
  '{$SiteGroup}/Search' => 'PmWikiFr/Recherche',
  '{$Group}/RecentChanges' => '{$Group}/ModifsDuGroupe',
  '{$SiteGroup}.PageNotFound' => 'PmWikiFr.PageNotFound',

2009/11/27 Patrik Schrey <patrik.schrey at skynet.be>

Hi All,

How do I get the Recent Changes page title automatically translated?

Use case:
- start from clean distribution
- start modifying pages -> Recent Changes page(s) are created
- but as this page is auto-generated, page title stays in English

I know you can add manually the following as first line in the page
(:title $[Recent Changes]:)
and comparable versions for the pages Site.AllRecentChanges and
(thanks to Petko)

But can this line added be automated somehow?
And even more nice if this can be included in the distribution, so all
PmWiki translations take benefit
from it under the condition the text is translated in the XLPage


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