[pmwiki-users] index query as substitute for search

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Mon Nov 23 18:23:46 CST 2009


I am trying to add an index into the wiki I have built for end users.

I implemented the below code.

(:pagelist group=PmWiki list=normal fmt=hoverindex:)

However, when I hover over, I see pmwiki.org pages too. For eg. Under
alphabet A the first page that display is AccessKeys. This has no relation
to my content that would benefit the end user. I do not want these to
display when the end user hovers over. Instead, I want it to list only pages
related to our software product. I have added Search box but that does not
seem to be intuitive enough and so I think the index might be my next best

Also, I was wondering if making keywords a hyperlink would help in pulling
these pages up when we hover over the respective alphabet. Basically want to
enhance search functionality.

Please Advise.

Any input is appreciated.

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