[pmwiki-users] Pagelists and redirects

Olaf Marzocchi 550242083288-0001 at t-online.de
Sat Nov 21 11:05:12 CST 2009

In article <200911180037.51777.5ko at 5ko.fr>, Petko Yotov <5ko at 5ko.fr> 
> Hello. If you have moved pages from one WikiGroup to another, you can use 
>   (:pagelist group=-OldGroup :)
> to not display the pages from the old group.

Hello, this works in the index of each group, because they are specific 
of a section and I can therefore filter the ther groups, but not in the 
main index page that contains a subsection of pages from all the groups 
(the newest).

> If you have renamed pages inside the same group, it is more complicated. You 
> can perform a pagelist search for a string of text, for example:
>   (:pagelist descriptionen order=-ctime [etc...] :) 
>      only list pages containing the word "descriptionen"
>   (:pagelist descriptionen titleit commentbox order=-ctime [etc...] :) 
>      only list pages containing "descriptionen", "titleit" and "commentbox"
>   (:pagelist -redirect order=-ctime [etc...] :)
>      only list pages NOT containing the word "redirect"

I tried this solution and it works, therefore I will put the word 
"description" as requisite: I use a standard model when writing pages 
and the title and descriptions are always found in non-redirection pages.

Thank you very much, I should have read better the documentation 
concerning the pagelists.

Concerning the other suggestion of removing the .pageindex, it didn't 


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