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Hi Olaf,

I'm not sure at all this is the solution, but you may delete (or temporarly
rename) the .pageindex in wikid ;
PmWiki will then create a new one after some pages are viewed.
If the problem is related to an old index, it might work.

Hope I'm not wrong ; )

2009/11/17 Olaf Marzocchi <550242083288-0001 at t-online.de>

> Hello,
> I moved some pages from a section of my wiki to another one by renaming
> the files via FTP. I also moved the appropriate folders in the upload
> subdirectory, to move the attachments.
> The pagelists were correctly updated, but I needed to put a redirection
> in the original pages because some of them were hidden and I sent their
> location by email: the people would not be able to find them anymore.
> In order to do so, I used the
> (:redirect Group.PageName status=301:)
> directive and nothing else. It worked, even if I get a redirection
> message written in a specific language, also when the user is browsing
> the website with another setview=.. (I used views to differentiate the
> languages).
> The real problem I have is another one: the pagelists try to show also
> the redirection pages, therefore I have a list of empty entries.
> The template I am using for the pagelists is the following:
> [[#titlesummary]]
> (:template each:)
> [[{=$FullName} | {{=$FullName}$:title{$View}}]]
> -> {{=$FullName}$:description{=$View}} ({=$LastModified})
> [[#titlesummaryend]]
> [[#titlesummaryit]]
> (:template each:)
> [[{=$FullName} | {=$:titleit}]]
> -> {=$:descriptionit} (ultima modifica {=$LastModified})
> [[#titlesummaryitend]]
> The first section calls the specific format, depending on the view
> (language) in use.
> Could you please help me correcting the problem?
> If the explanation was not clear, you can freely check these two pages:
> http://www.marzocchi.net/Olafsen/Other/Other
> where you can see the list of empty entries I was referring to, and
> http://www.marzocchi.net/Olafsen/Photos/Photos
> where the pages that produce those empty entries are now located.
> Any help will be appreciated.
> Olaf Marzocchi
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