[pmwiki-users] Outside page redirecting to a wiki page.

Sandy sandy at onebit.ca
Sat Nov 14 10:22:36 CST 2009

How can I make the link (which has been advertised to potential customers)


point to

I only want the default page redirected. Direct links to other files in 
the subdirectory should still work.

I don't like permanent redirects, but I don't want the customers to have 
to have to click on "page has moved to".

Secondly, how do I make future uploads, made through with Attach:, go to 
the www.mydomain.com/docs rather than a subdirectory of pmwiki?

Thanks in advance,

PS The /docs index is a straight HTML/CSS page that doesn't link to the 
rest of the site so the link could be used on EBay. (EBay doesn't like 
links that cut them out of the loop.) It's now time for the customer to 
maintain the site himself, but he doesn't want to have to learn both 
HTML and PmWiki.

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