[pmwiki-users] Installation issues (perhaps BlogIt related)

Trevor Bekolay trevor at bekolay.org
Mon Nov 9 17:56:33 CST 2009


I've just set up an installation of PmWiki, currently just with the
BlogIt cookbook installed. CleanURLs via mod_rewrite are also enabled.
Prior to installing BlogIt, I was able to visit my site without a
group / page name passed to pmwiki.php with no problem; it went to
$DefaultGroup.$DefaultName as expected. However, after installing
BlogIt, it no longer goes to the default page, and instead gives the
"?invalid page name" error. Even going directly to pmwiki.php (in this
case http://www.bekolay.org/wiki/pmwiki.php ) generates the error.
Navigation with a group / page name works as expected, as does BlogIt
in general (e.g. http://www.bekolay.org/wiki/Main/HomePage ).

Any idea why the $DefaultGroup and $DefaultName don't appear to be
working anymore? The two are defined in my local/config.php (as Blog
and Main respectively).

Trevor Bekolay

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