[pmwiki-users] Page Variables help - how to take one and split into two

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Sun Nov 1 11:04:14 CST 2009

Dear all,

I'm trying create two page variables from a new markup I've created (ref
GeoTagging recipe in development).  The markup is as follows and represents
a comma separated latitude and longitude:

(:coord 50.1234, -2.3456:)

I'm trying (and failing) to take the value from coord and split it to store
two page variable called Latitude and Longitude.  A logical example of what
I'm trying is below.  Obviously it doesn't work so only for illustrative
purposes.  I'd like to take the $FmtPV['$Coord'] and create
$FmtPV['$Latitude'] and $FmtPV['$Longitude'].  As you can see I'm using
explode() via a function so I can extract element 0 (lat) and element 1

$FmtPV['$Coord'] = '@$page["coord"]';
$SaveProperties[] = 'coord';
$FmtPV['$Latitude'] = 'function:GetLatFromCoord';
function GetLatFromCoord() {
    $coordArr = explode(',',$FmtPV['$Coord']);
    return $coordArr[0];
$FmtPV['$Longitude'] = 'function:GetLngFromCoord';
function GetLngFromCoord() {
    $coordArr = explode(',',$FmtPV['$Coord']);
    return $coordArr[1];

If this can done in a one-liner that would be even better. e.g.:
    $FmtPV['$Latitude'] = 'explode(',',$FmtPV['$Coord'])'[0];
    $FmtPV['$Longitude'] = 'explode(',',$FmtPV['$Coord'])'[1];

Thanks in advance for any pointers.
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