[pmwiki-users] warning with attachtable

Johannes Langlotz johannes at webminster.org
Sat May 30 17:20:22 CDT 2009

can you please check with function_exists("exec") if the exec() function 
is available before you use it? My server does NOT run in safe mode, 
nevertheless exec() is not available in non-cgi mode.



> I think this counts as a bug in the cookbook.
> Attachtable tries to do its best to figure out the MIME type of a
> file; first it looks for the two PHP functions that can provide this
> (finfo_open & mime_content_type) and if those fail it tries to exec()
> 'file -bi $filename' which is a standard *nix program for figuring out
> the file type.
> In your case your PHP is set up to disallow exec() calls, which
> produces the error you encountered. This is probably a PHP safe mode
> issue, but I can't verify that since none of the servers I work with
> have safe mode enabled.
> I've added a check for safe_mode in the update to the recipe I'm
> working on, should get that on pmwiki.php in the next day or two.
> eemeli
> 2009/4/26 malexism at free.fr <malexism at free.fr>:
>> hello,
>> I'm ignorant whith php (also in english...), but an install of the
>> attachtable cookbook gave me some "warning exec() blabla for security
>> reason on line 667..."
>> I put the "case '':" after the "case 'text/plain':" lines and it works.
>> Is this a bug of the cookbook or is my old pmwiki 2.2.0-beta57 out of work ?
>> This is a great receipe !  Thanks
>> marc
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