[pmwiki-users] Fox to create and edit pages

Vince Admin Account vadmin at math.uconn.edu
Thu May 21 15:15:39 CDT 2009

Fox does a very nice job of creating pages from lots of variables in a  
form.  So now I have a form which uses serialname to create a bunch of  
unique pages, with
data filled in.  But now I would like to add a form to edit the page.  
The form should really just edit the values that the original form  
stuffed into the page.  So if I  understand FoxEdit correctly, I have  
really two choices.
The first is to adapt the original form so that instead of creating a  
new page, it allows editing the (several ) ptv's that make up the real  
content. And this could be done by adding the foxedit button to the  
page template.
The other option would be to create individual edit buttons for each  
variable.  This may or may not be hard to do. For example, if the  
original form contained a select drop down box to set the value of a  
variable, can the set of selections be maintained?

And a wild thought. Is the following possible:   In the page creation  
form there is a textarea input called "solution".   So on the page  
template  we have something like
Solution: {$$solution}

Can I modify the template to that the word Solution is a link to the  
form that edits its value?


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