[pmwiki-users] New Skin - YAML

Ed W lists at wildgooses.com
Wed May 20 05:24:33 CDT 2009


I have uploaded the basis of a new (pure CSS) skin based on the YAML CSS 
framework from http://www.yaml.de

Essentially YAML is a bunch of debugged CSS with some suggested 
templated HTML, decent reset style sheet and some initial content 
styles, but essentially after that you just customise away

I setup a default template with three columns and some php functions to 
insert CSS styles to hide/show the side columns (ie it's a css style 
which shows and hides everything so you could easily javascript it, 
etc).  I also used Triad as inspiration for making all the major 
sections be customisable by adding in named wiki pages (Site.SideBar, etc)

It's pretty rough as uploaded and I have continued to develop it on my 
own site here:


I will try and roll those changes back into the skin on the site at some 
point, but suggestions welcome?


Note, this is more a starting point for people to customise than a 
completely ready to go skin at this stage... However, the point is that 
it probably offers much more scope for easy customisation than many 
other skins

Ed W

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