[pmwiki-users] Fox and PTV to manage categories

Nicolas Poulain nico.poulain at gmail.com
Thu May 14 14:47:13 CDT 2009


I whish to have as less code as possible on every page so it would be 
great if GroupHeader was able to display
- categories the page links to
- a good way to add new categories for the page
I did as follows but it dosn't work very well because (and I don't know 
why) the form has to be posted twice to effectively add a new category 
to the PTV.

---- GroupHeader -------
Categories :{{*$FullName}$:cat}
(:fox form  ptvtarget={*$FullName}:)
(:input select $:cat "{{*$FullName}$:cat}, [[!A]]" A:)
(:input select $:cat "{{*$FullName}$:cat}, [[!B]]" B:)
(:input select $:cat "{{*$FullName}$:cat}, [[!C]]" C:)
(:input submit post "+":)
(:foxend form:)

---- Template ----------
%white% (:cat: [[!A]], [[!B]]:) {$:cat}

The is certainly a better way... Thanks for your help.
Nicolas Poulain

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