[pmwiki-users] Reload Categories

Nicolas Poulain nico.poulain at gmail.com
Wed May 13 14:09:04 CDT 2009

   Hi list,

   I use categories in my site and i *lately* modified
$AutoCreate['/^Categorie\\./'] = array('ctime' => $Now);
to have the Categorie pages autocreated instead of Category pages.

All the pages saved before this change and containing a link to, say MyTag
are still listed with
(:pagelist link=Category.MyTag:)
but not with
(:pagelist link=Categorie.MyTag:)

I could edit and save all pages containing tags but i'd prefer an 
automatic way to reload categories pages.

Thanks for your ideas

Nicolas Poulain
nicolas .at. poulain.name

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