[pmwiki-users] FW: PMwiki and EBCDIC coding

spookymonster at gmail.com spookymonster at gmail.com
Wed May 6 19:44:49 CDT 2009

PMwiki newb here. Trying to get PMwiki working on a z/OS mainframe, but
having problems due to the native EBCDIC coding. All my links appear to be
URL encoded, but using the EBCDIC values, not ASCII. I think I've tracked it
down to the PUE function. If I'm reading it right, the function tries to
encode ASCII characters x80 thru xFF, spaces, single quotes, and
double-quotes. Unfortunately, EBCDIC characters don't map the same as ASCII.
I tried converting the function into a wrapper for urlencode(), but with
mixed results.  It looks like urlencode() is messing something up further
down the line.


Does anyone know specifically what the problem was with urlencode() that led
to the creation of PUE()? If I knew that, I might be able to match a similar
EBCDIC-friendly regex. Any info would be greatly appreciated. TIA.

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