[pmwiki-users] Custom views and pagelists not promptly updated

Olaf Marzocchi 550242083288-0001 at t-online.de
Sat May 2 08:29:16 CDT 2009

> Try this:
> [[#titlesummary]]
> [[{=$FullName} | {=$title{$View}}]]
> -> {=$description{$View}} ({=$LastModified})
> [[#titlesummaryend]]
> I don't use this view recipe so I can't be sure, but I think that will
> solve your problem.

Unfortunately not, it seems it cannot read the variable or something.
[[{=$FullName} | {=$:title{=$View}}]]
-> {=$:description{=$View}} ({=$LastModified})

I get in the pagelist:
{=$:descriptionit} (02/05/2009 ore 01:11 CEST)

[[{=$FullName} | {=$title{=$View}}]]
-> {=$description{=$View}} ({=$LastModified})

I get in the pagelist:
{=$descriptionit} (02/05/2009 ore 01:11 CEST)

I have no idea about how to determine the source of the problem, I'm not 
keen on the inners of PmWiki.
However, using the different templates, one per language, and selecting 
the right one at the loading works ok. I will simply have to finish 
adding the custom variables to the pages.

I go slightly OT and I extend the original question: how to avoid 
displaying the time of the day in the last modified field? is there a 
page variable containing only the day, or a way to postprocess the field 
and to remove the time? Is it also possible to display the date in the 
local language? it seems it is always italian ("ore" for "at", 
dd/mm/yyyy, ...).


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