[pmwiki-users] Any Fox Upload Working code

edwin marte edwin.marte at leidba.com
Fri Mar 6 08:58:41 CST 2009

Hello All. I need a basic working upload code using Fox.

I am doing the following:


 (:fox prueba upload=1 :)

(:input file upfile size=60:)

(:input hidden  subido {$$upfile_name}:)

(:foxptv ptvfmt=deflist ptvfields=subido ptvtarget={$FullName} put=bottom:)

(:foxend prueba:)

subido DesktopOrgChart.zip
I am using upload=1 (it supposedly enable uploads), my uploads folder is set
to 777 and uploads are working normally. Using code above will give me
"Successful post to Decisiones.Test" message. The Ptv is taking the file
name but no file name is been uploaded.

any Hints ? What Am I missing or doing Wrong ? I looked but did not find any
complete working code of Fox Uploads.
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